Crown & Bridge Restorations

Ultra Translucent Monolithic Zirconia, Layered Zirconia, Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM), e.Max and full metal options.

Crown & Bridge Restorations

A&B Dental Laboratory combines the latest CAD/CAM technology with traditional manual skills and experience to delivering crown and bridge restorations for dentists throughout the country. We employ an experienced team of technicians with years of experience in producing high-quality restorations in Ultra Translucent Monolithic Zirconia, Layered Zirconia, Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM), e.Max and full metal. We can tailor a quote for your patient’s needs.

Ultra Translucent Monolithic Zirconia

UT Monolithic Zirconia is highly recognised within the dental industry for its high translucency and good aesthetics, without compromising on strength. UT Monolithic Zirconia is more durable than other all-ceramic restorations, making it suitable for large anterior cases, implant restorations and anterior or posterior bridges.

Layered Zirconia

Layered Zirconia is suitable for small or large scale anterior cases as well as full mouth restorations where a more natural but highly aesthetic result is desired. Furthermore, Layered Zirconia can disguise darker stumps and ensure the underlying colour is not seen.

IPS e.Max

IPS e.Max provides similar characteristics as Layered Zirconia in regards to being highly aesthetic. The final product can be achieved with minimal porcelain layering or a full contour stain. IPS e.Max restorations require the provision of a stump shade to ensure the final shade is not affected by the underlying tooth. It is not recommended for bridge restorations as the bridge connectors are not strong enough to withstand force.

IPS e.Max Veneers

IPS e.Max Veneers are favoured over other all-ceramic veneers as they require minimal prep and offer impressive bonding techniques. They produce high aesthetics that consist of natural contours and shades.

Porcelain Fused To Metal (PFM)

Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) restorations are widely known for their aesthetics, bonding properties and strength. They’re also recommended for cases where extremely dark stumps are present. Despite all-ceramic materials having become extremely popular, the classic PFM continues to provide excellent results.

Full Metal

Full metal restorations limit bacteria retention with their smooth surface, and are perfect for cases where occlusal space is limited. In addition, they’re well known and recommended for their longevity, durability and versatility. Full metal restorations can be manufactured in either non-precious alloys, semi-precious alloys or precious gold alloys. These alloys vary in price which ensures any budget can be met.