Digital WorkFlows – 3D Printed Models & Modeless Restorations

Intra-oral scanning capabilities are forever evolving and are paving the way of the future in the dental industry. As Dentists have now established when taking an intraoral scan it minimises costs as there is no impression material involved or courier charges applied. Furthermore, the overall patient comfort in the chair is enhanced and accuracy of the impression is improved.

Digital Series With 3D Printed Models

Once A&B Dental Laboratory has received the intraoral scan we will design the restoration in our CAD software and also print 3D Models to finalise the dentures Melbourne appliance on. The benefits of printing the models is that our technicians can check contact, occlusion and bite more efficiently to ensure an accurately fitting dental appliance.

Digital Series – Modeless

A&B Dental Laboratory now offers modeless full contour restorations (UT Monolithic or e.Max Stained) where we only print a single die. This enables dentists to minimise expenditure as modeless restorations are more cost effective and by not printing models Dentist will save storage space at their practice as they will no longer be required to store multiple old models on site.