Anti-Snoring Devices

Dorsal Appliance

The Dorsal® Appliance is a device that keeps the patient’s airway open during sleep to minimise snoring
and sleep apnoea incidents. It is commonly referred to as a custom mouth guard that provides effective
treatment for mild to moderate cases of obstructive sleep apnoea and bruxism amongst patients.

MDSA Appliance

The MDSA® Appliance is a device that assists with reducing patients’ snoring habits and mild to moderate
cases of sleep apnea. It is manufactured in a hard/soft material that is dual layered to ensure patient
comfort and longevity. The benefits of a MDSA Appliance is that it has a low profile which keeps the bite
open to a minimum amount and it can be easily removed and inserted by the patient. Patients find that
they are easy to maintain and keep clean and that they still permit full lateral movement when worn.


The Silencer® is similar to a mouth guard as it is placed over the teeth however it carefully repositions the
patient’s lower jaw whilst they sleep. By repositioning the patient’s jaw the Silencer creates more space in
the patient’s airway to minimise snoring, whilst also stabilising the lower jaw and tongue.