Digital Smile Concept

Selling tool for dentists – custom designed smile makeover for your patients.

Show your patients how their smile could look

Digital Smile Concept (DSC) is a new selling tool where our team of Expert Smile Designers give your patient a digital smile makeover. This enables them to view their new smile prior to any treatment starting for dentures, implants or crown and bridge restorations.

DSC allows our Expert Smile Designers to:

  • assess the position of the patient’s natural teeth
  • advise on how much reduction and where reduction is required (if crown and bridge work is being done).
  • trial multiple teeth shapes and lengths to ensure we create a proposal that enhances the patient’s facial features.

DSC is becoming a preferred alternative in comparison with the classic diagnostic wax up as it shows the patient a lifelike and realistic proposal. It’s another way we can collaborate with you to produce a smile makeover that is achievable and illustrates the patients wants and desires.

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